I Failed!


These are things we never want to say but if we are honest we have probably been in a position that we could say them several times. We hate to admit we have failed in some way or sinned yet again. We beat ourselves up when it happens. We let guilt and shame creep in and it effects the way we feel about ourselves. We often times get bogged down in living the life wants us to because we feel like a failure and that we let Him down. 

I wish we could say we only do this to ourselves. The problem is that isn’t the case. When others fall, or sin, we are quick to respond in negative ways. Maybe we quit talking to them or tell them how wrong they were to do what they did. Maybe we leave them out of things they used to be a part of. Whatever it is, too many time Christians treat people who have done wrong like they are total screw ups and no longer belong. 

Let me share a verse with you from the Old Testament that I think all of us need to ready and memorize…

Ecclesiastes 7:20 Indeed, there is no one on earth who is righteous, no one who does
what is right and never sins.

No one! There is no one who always does what is right and never sins! Remember that please! We think just because we are saved that we are never going to mess us we are never going to make a mistake. We still live in a sinful world in this sinful body. Although we have been forgiven and have the Holy Spirit living in us we are still going to fail at times. 

I am in no way saying it is ok to go out and sin on purpose. I am however asking you to quit beating yourselves up! You can’t expect to live a perfect life, only one person has done that and it isn’t you! 

Don’t stop with just yourself though. Remember when you see others fall and sin they are living out Ecclesiastes 7:20. No matter how badly they want to do things right they are going to mess up they are going to fall short at times. Instead of being quick to judge or treat them like an outcast. Love them, reach out to them, encourage them, lift them back up and help them get back on track.

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