A Little About Me


Matt & Stephanie Hendricks

I am a husband and father in a blended family, preacher, and Jr/Sr High Principal.  God has blessed me with an amazing wife who loves the Lord more than she loves me! I love doing life and making memories with her! She loves me with a sacrificial love and encourages and strengthens me! Our kids are so much fun and keep us on our toes! I love our kids and am so proud of the people they are becoming.

As you learn more about me through reading this blog you will see that I truly am a sinner saved by grace who has is trying to live a life that glorifies God but I often fall far short of that!

I love to study and preach God’s word. When I preach I know it is not me speaking but the Holy Spirit. So often when I am preaching the Spirit is stepping on my own toes harder than anyone else listening.

I am blessed to be a bi-vocational pastor. I get to spend my weeks with junior and senior high students in a small Western Ks town that I love . Doing this for the past twenty-seven years has been a fun, enjoyable, frustrating and challenging! I always say, I haven’t taught a kid who was as bad as I was in junior high though! Some have come very close.

As you read these writings and listen to the sermons I hope you are challenged. Challenged to dig into God’s Word and challenged to think about how you can grow in Christ and glorify God in all you do!

***Please also overlook my poor grammar and punctuation! I am a math teacher***

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